ChadFootball Association

The Chad National Football Teams

Introduction to The FTFA

The internet seems to be an ideal medium for innovative and objective communication, a new understanding of online information, a way for us, to get closer to our dear public in order to inform it on a day-to-day basis of the Ftfa, the program of our different national football teams and above all to take into account your opinions on the smooth running of your federation. This is a start and we hope that together, away from personal interests and partisan quarrels, we will build very strong Saos all teams so that also in the football world resonates the name of our dear and beloved country CHAD.

Mahamat Saleh Issa Mahamat

Members of the Executive Committee

  • Mahamat Saleh Issa - President
  • Banaye Hissène - 1st Vice President
  • Moctar Mahamoud - 2nd Vice President
  • Ramadane Raoud - Secretary General
  • Hassan Terap
  • Ayoub Younous
  • Fathy A. Douga
  • Oumar Abouna
  • Tigabe Ousmane
  • Mahamat A. Lawandji
  • Zakari Mando
  • Modobe Kari
  • Bahim Djibrine
  • Djimeza A. Kader
  • Mog -Nan Djimounta