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Chad , in Arabic Tshād , country of Central Africa . Its capital is Ndjamena . Chad is bordered on the north by Libya, on the east by Sudan, on the south by the Central African Republic and on the west by Cameroon, Nigeria and Niger - three states with which it shares The waters of Lake Chad.

A legacy of rivalry between European colonizers in Africa, Chad's borders have fostered a long dispute with Libya over the Aozou strip (114,000 km 2 ), which was finally allocated by the International Criminal Court to Chad in February 1994 The link between white Arabic Africa and black Africa, linked until 1960 to the French Equatorial Africa (A-ÉF) , Chad has experienced, since its independence in 1960, a succession of internal conflicts provoking French military interventions. The opposition between the Muslim north and the animist and Christian South still threatens national unity.

Relief and Hydrography

Chad covers an area of ​​1,284,000 km². The country occupies the basin of Lake Chad, a vast basin of low altitude (about 200 m). At the northern end, the Tibesti massif peaks at 3,415 m at Emi Koussi peak, an extinct volcano, beyond which the Aozou strip extends. To the east, the plateaus of the Ennedi and Ouaddai, lower (910 m), border the Sudan. If the north belongs to the Sahara , the center (the Guera massif, 1800 m) marks the beginning of the fertile zone which continues until the Ubangi plateau to the south. Originating in the Central African Republic, the Logone and Chari rivers water the vast southwestern plain, flooded part of the year, before joining Ndjamena, the capital, Then feeding Lake Chad. The area of ​​the lake varies between 10 000 and 26 000 km ² (during the rainy season). But the droughts of the 1970s and 1980s, and the pumping of its waters for irrigation, caused a worrying drop in its level.


The currency of Chad is the CFA franc, divisible in 100 centimes ( see franc zone ). In 2000, imports (food, petroleum products) were valued at $ 290 million, while exports (livestock and cotton) amounted to about $ 183 million.

The country has 33,400 km of roads, of which less than 1% 100 is pitched. It does not have railroads. Chad has an international airport in Ndjamena. Chad's national broadcasting broadcasts programs in French, Arabic and eight local languages. Television is under development.