Soccer as a sport continues to hold the attention of people (young and old, male and female) all over the world. From small to big teams, soccer games are watched by millions of people daily.

Like with every sport, soccer players require sports equipment that makes playing easy for them, and the most important equipment for a soccer player is shoes.

Several brands cater to the needs of sportspeople and offer value by providing sports equipment in varying quantity and quality.

Users on Collected.Reviews have put together a list of brands that offer quality sports equipment for sportspeople.

There are online stores that provide sports equipment from various sports brands and some of these stores focus on shoes for sportspeople. Most of the best shoe stores online have a wide range of shoes from the best brands of shoes for Soccer in 2021.

Below are 5 of the best brands of shoes for soccer in 2021.

1.      Adidas

Asides from being one of the biggest brands in the sports industry, Adidas has continued to hold its reputation for delivering quality shoes with great aesthetics, accounting for a significant level of the market share. With every release into the market, they ensure retention of their brand reputation by providing quality sports gear. Their soccer shoes are reputed among players to be sustainable and suitable for any surface.

2.     Nike

By continuously offering value to its athletes in various fields, Nike has stayed on top as one of the most reliable brands, owning the highest stake in the sports industry. Using innovation and user experiences, the brand keeps evolving and churns out products that are tailored to the need of each user. Soccer shoes from Nike are produced to accurately cater to the needs of each player.

3.      Puma

Puma is largely known in the sports industry for its soccer shoes, which also is their most successful line of sports gear. Providing shoes in almost every soccer category at relatively low prices, Puma maintains a relevant position in the sports industry and offers quality shoes to the market for low prices. There are high-ranking soccer players that wear Puma shoes to train and play.

4.      Under Armour

A new entrant into the sports industry, Under Armour, an American sports brand established in 1996  has claimed its spot in the sports industry, as a provider of high quality and inexpensive sports shoes. Under Armour provides support and flexibility to soccer players by offering soccer shoes that are durable and versatile. The brand is highly recommended amongst youth soccer players.

5.      Mizuno

The Japanese sports company with branches in America and Europe is a big brand in the sports industry, with its offerings of sports equipment that are built to make users happy. The brand’s soccer shoes are built with traditional elegant designs and have a huge reputation among soccer players.


Soccer shoes, also called Cleats or Football Boots, are essential for every soccer player. It is important to get soccer shoes from the best brands, to ensure comfort and durability.

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