My 2 considerations is most individuals i spar/prepare battle orthodox (doing pad for lefties is awkward for them) and that i’ll be exposing my liver (never been hit there but, not wanting forward to). Southpaws like using vary as a result of it’s really easy for them to land photographs within the first place, so they don’t have to get closer to land pictures. Everything they throw naturally is tricky for orthodox fighters. On the other hand, orthodox fighters are more accustomed to coming into vary because they’ve to overcome that angled place. And orthodox fighters usually have a better rhythm for defense because standing in orthodox-vs-orthodox provides you a very balanced stance the place each can punch and roll at the similar time with the identical rhythm.

Whereas in a southpaw-vs-orthodox match, each are disrupting each other’s fighting rhythms. my body is incompatible with holding a hockey stick right handed. I am not a box, nor have I formally started any severe training, but I actually have been getting some fundamentals whereas warming up/sparring with a buddy of mine who does train boxing. what I am noticing is that the orthodox stance he tries to get me to make use of just feels uncomfortable — backwards, even.

The weak spot to this style is that when a fighter is stationary and not rotating they are open to be hit so a fighter have to be athletic and nicely conditioned to successfully execute this fashion. To beat this type, fighters like to jab their opponents shoulder causing the shoulder and arm to be in ache and to demobilize that arm. I too have the identical dilema; started a few months in the past and i have been skilled the Orthodox means because i’m proper handed (although i’m confortable switching palms for many actions). But i’m hitting a wall, i struggle to enhance and that can be traced to my legs not liking the orthodox stance (i tire rapidly and my legs start to harm). I’m going to check out southpaw in the fitness center to see if i’m more comfortable that means (shadow boxing at residence appear to lean that path).

  • These are skilled boxers who’ve developed their weak hand to be simply as lethal as their robust hand, due to this fact they’ll have their less dominant hand in the back and still be very efficient.
  • These are boxers that have had their stances converted for some cause.
  • Some current examples are Oscar De La Hoya, Miguel Cotto, and Victor Ortiz.
  • Usually, it is because their trainer is unable to coach from the alternative stance and the fighters themselves don’t actually know which hand is stronger.


To execute this guard a fighter must be very athletic and skilled. This type is so effective for counterpunching as a result of it allows fighters to slide punches by rotating and dipping their upper physique and causing blows to glance off the fighter. After the punch glances off, the fighter’s back hand is in good position to hit their out‐of‐place opponent. The fighter will throw a punch with their again hand as they are rotating in the direction of their undefended opponent.

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The lead shoulder is introduced in tight against the aspect of the face (left side for orthodox fighters and right side for southpaws). This type is used by fighters who like to counterpunch.

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