Thanks for your advice, I am preventing orthodox and it’s going properly so far. The hand is holding up and I even have good power in each arms. Still trying to master the left hook but that’s largely a beginner’s lack of physique mechanics problem I assume. I was a southpaw for a bit after which i switched to orthodox. I really feel like i move better in southpaw (most likely because im used to having my proper foot forward when wrestling) but my right cross is stronger than my left cross.

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i additionally like the open stance of a southpaw vs orthodox fighter. So i was just wondering what i ought to do because wrestling is my base and that i wish to use it in MMA and if i’ve my proper foot forward, i can use my wrestling for efficiently.


What if my left eye is dominant, and I’m right hand dominant? My right arm feels heavier after I throw the jab from southpaw, however, after doing all of your check, my left eye is the one which traces up higher, so it’s like a trade off. I really feel extra stable and find it simpler to defend in southpaw, but my jab feels very awkward in comparison with my orthodox jab, and seems slower, but really is less complicated to turn the punch over. Is it higher to have higher eye sight/depth perception, or to make use of the faster hand in front? Sight would seem to be the one of the necessary elements of boxing, particularly for protection, so I see the pictures coming.

  • And orthodox fighters sometimes have a better rhythm for protection as a result of standing in orthodox-vs-orthodox provides you a very balanced stance where each can punch and roll at the similar time with the same rhythm.
  • Everything they throw naturally is difficult for orthodox fighters.
  • On the other hand, orthodox fighters are more accustomed to coming into vary as a result of they have to beat that angled place.

My trainer mentioned she solely teaches our class orthodox stance and I figured I wouldn’t have an issue as a result of I’m proper handed and proper eye dominant. When we learned orthodox stance yesterday although nothing about it felt proper. Even as she and the other coaches have been helping us get the best toes and hip positions.


Defensively I typically change to southpaw to fend off an opponent with exhausting right jabs when retreating, but switch back to orthodox when out of hazard to advance. Hi, I`ve started boxing when i was 14, my trainer asked me if i write with my proper hand, then i should box with my proper hand within the again. So i did, and it felt good, as a result of even though i write, and catch a ball with my right hand and so forth, im a lot stronger in my left arm. When doing arm wrestling, lifting and pushing weights my left hand is dominant. I`ve didn`t even assume this was unnatural, but i always felt i didn`t connect or hit exhausting with my again hand (proper hand) It looks like i hit simply as onerous with my left hook as my right hook, in orthodox stances.

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