The Engineer who visited our site was practical and pragmatic, he had a great understanding of our needs. Sportsafe UK brings along a full set of supplies to action small repairs there and then and provides quotes for any larger items in need of attention. Craig, our visiting Engineer, also took the time to liaise with our maintenance staff and provide feedback and tips on how best to maintain our equipment in the future. I would recommend Sportsafe UK to any International School who would like to ensure their sporting equipment and facilities, both indoor and outdoor, are safe and fit for purpose. We offer a number of specialised service and maintenance packages for sports, physical education, and gymnasium equipment. Select your finishing options on the product page and see a live price!

We can provide you with the different restrictions of the airlines flying your chosen route and … Read More

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This attracted a lot of attention to European football as fans want to stay updated with the latest news about their favourite players, clubs, and competitions. Having to visit the site of the 19+ clubs that compete can be stressful.

Additionally, other news and rumours about competitions, transfers, and so on will not be found on the official sites of these clubs. This is why certain broadcasting companies buy rights to broadcast information about the competition. Check to see the people’s favourite broadcasting companies.

Broadcasting companies that are lucky to get TV rights deals will have to find the best broadband network to broadcast the live events of competitions and make it available for fans all over the world to watch matches … Read More

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