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At the same time a particular name might generally be used to discuss with a range of fully different baskets. This is probably partly due regional variation in names, and partly because of the confusion brought on by different languages like Gaelic, Old Scots and English used in Scotland. The titles of pictures might be linked with how the basket is labelled in museums or archives and these have not been modified.

The coils are stitched collectively utilizing twine created from rush, marram, even cut up willow or bramble, or bought twine. We have discovered throughout our research that some baskets have been referred to by totally different names in different museums and archives, or relying on who we have been have been speaking to.

The sport of curling originated in Scotland and particular baskets made in two halves and hinged had been made to keep the curling stones in. The ciosan is a small, closely woven basket, formerly made on the Western Isles and along the west coast. It is a coiled basket created from sea-bent (marram grass), or typically straw.

Creel or cliabh, for instance is a basic Gaelic term masking several forms of Scottish (and Irish) baskets. Scull equally appears to be used for several totally different baskets of the body style construction. In this section we now have tried to say all names by which a specific basket may be known but inevitably there may be omissions.

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There are many types of baskets historically used in Scotland and related to conventional ways of life. In this section we have featured some that were generally used at one time in numerous elements of Scotland at. The artists who made these baskets used many alternative designs or patterns of their work. Withes are used for making burden baskets, basket handles and rope. In twined and coiled baskets, a transition from one row of stitches to the subsequent row.

Large Basket

These baskets are sometimes rugby ball shaped willow baskets with an oblong gap by way of which the wool is taken out for carding. Mudags for keeping wool in are found in different sizes and shapes, and made from other supplies, nonetheless. Used for amassing eggs these baskets are generally spherical and have sides that curve outwards from the bottom before coming straight up.

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