Nobody said that dieting or losing weight is easy. To have ideal body weight and body goals, of course, hard work is required. However, when hunger comes at night, it’s a type of dinner for a diet. During this time, maybe you are afraid to eat at night, it can make your body fatter. But apparently, there are several types of dinner for the diet, which are safe for consumption.
Type of dinner for a diet
The challenge of eating dinner for the diet is to find a simple, delicious, filling but does not add fat to the body.

  1. Cherries
    You can also consume it in the form of fresh juice. In one study, respondents who consumed cherries in the form of juice, for 2 consecutive weeks, experienced improved sleep quality. They slept longer and better than before.
  2. Bananas with almond jam
    One small banana dipped in almond butter without sugar, makes for a very tasty, filling, and delicious dinner. A study involving adult men as respondents proves that eating bananas can increase melatonin levels. Also, these nuts contain good fats, vitamin E, and magnesium.
  3. A bowl of berries
    When hunger strikes, sometimes you crave sweet foods that can be chewed, to eliminate hunger at night. A bowl of berries makes a very tasty and healthy dinner for a diet. Apart from containing fiber, berries also contain magnesium, which can calm nerves to muscles, so that you sleep soundly.
  4. Oatmeal
    Not only in the morning, it turns out that cereal is also good to eat when hunger strikes at night. Call it oatmeal, which is very rich in fiber. Apart from eliminating your hunger, this dinner for diet also contains melatonin, which makes your night’s sleep more sound and quality.
  5. Cereal and milk
    Who says that the combination of cereal and milk is only suitable for breakfast? The proof, cereal, and milk can also be used as dinner for the diet. Please note, dairy products contain calcium, contain minerals that play an important role in the production of the hormone melatonin.
  6. Pumpkin seeds
    Pumpkin seeds also have an amino acid called tryptophan. If you don’t like pumpkin seeds, try adding a carbohydrate like half an apple. This can spur your brain, to produce melatonin. A study asked respondents to consume 250 milligrams of tryptophan from pumpkin seeds, for one week.
  7. Edamame
    Edamame is a very healthy soybean. It’s no wonder that edamame is on the dinner list for the diet. If hunger hits at night, just peel the edamame raw and mix it with a pinch of salt or pepper. Half a cup of edamame has 150 calories. Besides, edamame is very rich in protein and amino acids. Not to forget, tryptophan which can help the brain to produce melatonin, and make you sleep soundly.
  8. Eggs
    Maybe you don’t think of eating eggs at night while on a diet. Yes, eggs are one of the foods that can be eaten at night, even though you are on a diet program. Because one large egg contains only 72 calories. Besides, there are 6 grams of protein that can make you feel full after eating it. Just like edamame, eggs also have tryptophan.
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