Which is why you ended up putting a lot weight on that aspect. Now that you switched stances, it feels higher as a result of the beforehand defective movement is now handed by your more coordinated aspect.

At some point, you will find what’s most natural for you. I even have been debating whether to vary stances for a very long time now. When I first learned to box, I practiced my punches from each stances.

Your stance feels bizarre because you are use to standing with the right foot forward. I too am a right-hander with a stronger left leg and stronger left arm and also left-eye dominant.

So ought to I change to southpaw and train my left hand to be actually strong too? Overall I feel that I can hit tougher in my orthodox stance as a result of that right cross, however once I am in southpaw stance, I really feel that I can use more methods that I learned from watching Pacquiao videos. Also my opponents in all probability aren’t used to dealing with southpaws. I’m guessing your left side is basically weak and never energetic whenever you stood orthodox.

I didn’t really discover both hand is extra correct when it came to punching, but I did discover my left hand delivered more energy because the rear hand than my proper did. I write with my proper hand, however do plenty of different things interchangeably with both arms. It teaches me that my sturdy hand and ft be on the entrance which is my proper since I’m proper handed.

  • I am a orthodox fight whose dominant hand is the left.
  • When I started training Muay Thai that eventually led me to boxing, my very first instructor centered on helping me find my balance.
  • This fashion is significantly various when the back hand (proper for an orthodox fighter and left for a southpaw) rises vertically.
  • He had me get in my stance and practice 1-2 combinations.


However, after I first began sparring for some reason I just naturally needed to remain in a southpaw stance. As I obtained extra comfortable sparring as a southpaw I switched completely, coaching every little thing as a southpaw. i write/shoot a rifle a kick footy proper handed/footed. however when i swap it appears to work alot extra successfully.

After consulting quite a few coaches who have watched my type, they all got here to the identical conclusion –stay orthodox because my right hand is more coordinated. This is boxing, so I would suggest following standard boxing knowledge before you revert back to a stance trained via years of fencing. 1) Your footwork could appear to be higher in orthodox as a result of you might be improperly putting too much weight on front leg (which implies orthodox movement would feel higher).

Strength Training

Before I began Jeet Kune Do, I trained in MMA by which I was Orthodox back then. When I used the Southpaw stance throughout my time in Jeet Kune Do, I admit that I easily grew to become much comfortable with it. The recommendation on this webpage has reinforced the fact that orthodox is my natural stance and it is smart to have the stronger hand again to land power punches.

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