Every sport has a risk of injury, especially sports with intense physical contact such as martial arts. Martial arts are known to cause a wide variety of injuries. This is due to the nature of the sport which requires full physical contact or is often called full-body contact which requires a lot of movement. Injuries that may occur in martial arts can vary. One of them is an overuse injury which is caused due to constant tension in a part of the body so that the part is damaged and begins to feel pain. Apart from that, other common injuries include sprains, muscle injuries, joint dislocations, and fractures.
The following are the three types of injuries that most often occur in martial arts:

  1. Head injury (concussion)
    At the level of competition, head injuries are the most common injuries in almost all types of martial arts sports. In mixed martial arts, or other words, MMA, nearly 75% of these sports injuries occur in the head and neck and head injuries that often occur are concussions. Concussion itself is characterized by dizziness, nausea, impaired concentration, and balance, and can also be accompanied by memory problems. This injury occurs most often because the head is the part that gets the most impact compared to other limbs.
  2. Ligament injury of the wrist
    The wrist joint is one of the most commonly used joints, as well as the most mobile joint. In martial arts, there are many movements such as hitting, kicking, and movements to anticipate opponents. All of these movements require a lot of energy. While performing these movements frequent injuries occur. When someone wrongly hits or blocks an opponent’s attack, as with sprains, the ligaments in the wrist can tear and cause pain.
  3. Shoulder injury
    Apart from the wrist joint, the shoulder joint is also a widely used joint. The two most common types of shoulder injuries are impingement syndrome, which is a collection of shoulder pain symptoms that arise as a result of pinching or pressing on the tendons or joints in the upper shoulder joint, and dislocation, which is the displacement of the joint from its original location. Dislocation injuries are common among athletes in jiu-jitsu, MMA, and judo.
    The three types of injuries mentioned above are more common at the competitive level, and very rarely at the recreational level. Usually, overuse injuries are common at the recreational level. This injury is usually associated with heavy training load, lack of rest, improper treatment of previous injuries, and less than optimal and effective preparation for the match. Injuries that can be fatal, such as dislocations and concussions, are rare at this level. Martial arts may sound fraught with the risk of injury, but that doesn’t mean the possibility of injury is unavoidable. The important thing is to always check your body condition before exercising, start lightly, use the right equipment, and drink enough so your muscles don’t cramp easily.
    If an injury occurs, immediately stop the exercise to prevent further damage. Apply the following therapy as the first treatment.
  4. Protection
    Provide temporary protection to the affected area so that the injury does not worsen due to unnecessary excessive movements.
  5. Rest
    Rest immediately and do not move too much as this can make the affected limb ache.
  6. Ice
    Apply ice to the sore area to reduce excess pain.
  7. Compress.
    Wrap the injured area so that blood circulation continues to flow smoothly and there is no swelling.
  8. Elevated
    If the injury is in the leg, place your foot higher than your head so that blood circulation is maintained and maintained.
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