Optimal sports shoes.
Sports shoes ranging from running shoes to tennis shoes must be chosen carefully and precisely. Because sports shoes are designed according to the conditions and circumstances that will be faced by the wearer in the field. A soccer shoe that has a large grip so that the user does not slip easily when running on the ground. Conversely, if it is used on the asphalt the user may fall.
10 Types of Sports Shoes for Every Need

  1. Running / training shoes (running shoes)
    Of the many types of sports shoes, these shoes are most often found in stores. Running shoes (training/running shoes) are suitable for running and light exercise every day. The design helps absorb shocks, feels light, and has gauze to maintain the user’s weight. However, running shoes cannot be used for running competitions. In a long run, we usually need track shoes. There are two types of track shoes, namely racing flats and racing spikes. Racing flats are a slimmer version of running shoes because they are designed to be as light as possible so that the user is not overwhelmed and is usually used in competitions running distances of 5 km and above.
  2. Football boots (Soccer Shoes)
    These shoes are identified by the outer sole which has a nail grip. This feature is made so that users can control the movement of the feet when running on a grassy field. These shoes are specially designed to make it easy for soccer players to turn, change direction, pass, and kick.
  3. Futsal shoes
    These shoes are usually used indoors. Therefore, futsal shoes combine models of soccer shoes and badminton shoes. The top looks like a football shoe, while the sole resembles a badminton or volleyball shoe.
  4. Tennis shoes
    These tennis shoes can not only be used for tennis. These shoes can also be used for sports that use rackets such as badminton, squash, or cricket. This may be because tennis shoes have half a foot support and extend sideways, giving them a grip for the wearer’s sudden movements. So, this shoe is designed for running back and forth after a tennis ball. Tennis shoe soles are also lighter and the top is thicker to support the wearer’s body weight.
  5. Basketball shoes
    Basketball fans know better if basketball is very mobile, of course. While jogging, jumping, changing directions suddenly, or running very fast towards the ring. It’s no wonder basketball shoes are also made big and heavy to avoid muscle and ankle injuries. These shoes are highly stable, usually heavier, stiffer, with a hard and wide sole. Some basketball shoes even add a pivot point feature to make it easier for users to rotate.
  6. Volleyball shoes
    This shoe is specially designed for volleyball because the rubber sole provides a stronger grip over a running shoe. Volleyball shoes are also designed for the side-to-side movement required by the players. There is usually a layer on the front of the shoe that can help absorb shocks when jumping or landing.
  7. Climbing shoes
    Usually, these shoes have a shape that fits perfectly on the foot and has an upper made of leather or some other material such as synthetic leather. The sole is made of rubber to make it easier to support when doing rock climbing or rock walls.
  8. Hiking shoes
    These shoes are designed to protect the feet and ankles during challenging outdoor walks. Hiking boots ensure the user can climb long distances without injury. Apart from the usual hiking shoes, there are also models of hiking boots. These shoes are designed to make the feet comfortable even when used for activities such as backpacking, mountaineering, and hunting.
  9. Golf shoes
    Golfers use special shoes equipped with spikes made of plastic that are embedded in the soles, many of which look like soccer shoes. This design is designed to maintain the balance of the user during swinging in dry or wet ground. Most of the nails in golf shoes can be removed. You can remove the nails from your golf shoes with a large or small screwdriver or lock ring.
  10. Fitness or yoga shoes
    Apart from running shoes, these sports shoes are also one of the many types of sports shoes that are often encountered. Claimed to be the lightest shoe, yoga shoes are made to help users build and flex muscles. The sole is softer and more flexible because the sole is designed to support the body’s balance when the wearer is doing complex movements or lifting weights.
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