Eating a healthy and balanced diet will help you to look and feel your best, as well as supporting your body’s natural functions. A diet high in will help your body to grow and repair itself, from skin to your blood. Eating foods high in protein are especially important if you are trying to gain muscle or tone the muscles you have. For most of us, eating a healthy, balanced diet will provide us with enough protein – around 0.75g per kg of body weight is recommended.

With busy jobs and hectic schedules, it was hard to find the time to cook every meal from scratch. Get the results you want by eating healthily and consistently, with Purition. An instant meal, whenever you need it, with tons of natural nutrition. If you want to feel healthier, be healthier or lose weight, you need to eat less processed food.

Animal-based proteins tend to have higher DIAAS scores compared to plant-based proteins . As most people consume protein from a variety of sources the quality and digestibility of protein is not usually a concern. In 2016, new dietary guidelines placed greater emphasis on non-meat sources of protein.

That means you’ll have plenty of energy, and feel full, for at least 4-5 hours. It’s a whole food meal, instantly, without all the faff. Loaded with protein, healthy fats and heaps of naturally-occurring vitamins, it’ll keep you full for hours and make it so much easier to stay on track. The perfect balance of protein, healthy fats and fibre from whole foods to give you long-lasting energy and keep you feeling fuller for longer. To help you hit your protein goals we’ve compiled an extensive list of foods that are especially high in the macronutrient.

Making sure that your meals contain ingredients such as chickpeas, peanuts, tofu or soya alternatives to milk and yoghurts will help you to get the protein you need. Protein is an important part of our diet and is the foundation of maintaining body tissue and muscle. You can use Purition for weight loss by replacing one or two less nutritious meals with Purition daily. It’s packed with protein, fibre healthy fats and vitamins from whole foods, which will help you to feel fuller for longer and less inclined to overeat.

At 18g of protein per 100g of mussel meat, we think not. Those sweet little lambs you see frolicking in the fields every spring? Chicken contains vast amounts of protein while being very low in fat, especially if you opt for skinless breasts. Proteins are incredible nutrients that are important for the basic structure of our bodies. Our cells, organs, muscles, bones and connective tissue are built with the help of proteins, and we rely on protein to repair our body throughout our lives.

Whilst it’s extremely popular to have a shake before and/or after a workout. You can use it throughout the day to supplement your protein intake. You can get versions of cottage cheese with added protein nowadays, but even the standard stuff contains a good portion. Compared with other cheese it’s also relatively low in fat and salt. Britain’s favourite cheese brings plenty of protein to the table. That includes the lower-fat versions, if you’re trying to keep your saturated fat intake down.

Delivering 50,000 meals a week we’ll keep open during the Covid-19 Pandemic. All orders will be shipped next day with DPD or Royal Mail. If you’d like to mix and match your flavours day-to-day or you’re using less than 4 servings per week, we’d suggest ordering a selection of 40g sachets. If you’re ordering our 3 or 4-bag deal and are unlikely to get through them within 6-8 weeks, it’s best to finish one bag before opening the next to keep your products fresh.

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