Titled Si Hing within the Running Fist Kung Fu System by Sijo Robinson, Cequence teaches his personal road efficient martial art grounded in Kuk Sool Hapkido & Running Fist. Sifu Staley is the strolling encyclopedia for all things Kung Fu. He is the lineage holder for 7 different unique types, and has Mastered all 7.

Everyone is useful and competitive, and striving to enhance their strength, health, personal security, and total health; each physical and emotional. The private achievements aren’t simply physical. Positive Self Esteem is a big byproduct of the work at 360 Defense. Children will study focus, preservice, self-discipline and objective-setting techniques to set them up for achievement as they develop.

Brandon, Shifu has been skilled in the traditional arts of Shaolin, Baguazhang, XingYiQuan, Wing Chun, & Hung Gar. While not teaching these other methods, he’ll draw from them to bring out the most effective in students hungry … Read More

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