Some folks believe that a excessive-protein food plan could cause kidney injury and osteoporosis. Endurance athletes additionally want vital amounts of protein — about 0.5–zero.65 grams per pound, or 1.2–1.4 grams per kg . Some studies show that more than 0.8 grams per pound (1.eight grams per kg) haven’t any benefit, while others point out that intakes barely greater than 1 gram of protein per pound (2.2 grams per kg) is greatest . Numerous studies have tried to find out the optimal amount of protein for muscle achieve however many attain totally different conclusions. In different words, there needs to be a web constructive protein balance in your body — typically referred to as nitrogen balance, as protein is excessive in nitrogen.

In reality, boosting yourproteinintake can be a useful method to helpcontrolyour weight and reach your targets, together with rising lean muscle mass. If you do not need to … Read More

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