Of all of the credit hooked up to the name Bruce Lee, one of many bolder claims made in the documentary I Am Bruce Lee, is that he was the de facto father of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Kali sometimes referred to interchangeably as arnis or escrima, comes from Filipino Martial Arts (FMA). It’s primarily a weapons-primarily based system that is utilized by the military in the Philippines and a few branches of the US army. Muay thai is a fight sport developed from muay boran, which itself was utilized by the Thai military. You’d suppose that the game side of muay thai would make it less sensible on the street, but that’s not true in any respect.

In addition to the stylistic elements of the strategies included in a system, there’s the larger downside of techniques that aren’t included in a given system. The majority of coaching doesn’t happen … Read More

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