This has been an absolute lifesaver during lockdown without being able to go to the gym. We believe that fitness should not be one dimensional and we know that you can maximise your full potential with an all-encompassing workout. Flying solo is great but striving together is better which is why we offer the highest possible variety at an affordable cost. We work hard, we play hard, we work hard again…it can be exhausting.

The equipment’s brilliant and everyone who works there is so knowledgable and helpful. We all know we’re meant to stay hydrated, but here’s a hack to get your eight glasses a day. Ten’s Trainers and Therapists are amongst the best in London (we’re 6-time winners of the Tatler Gym Awards). Our focus on posture, form and control makes our workouts as safe and sustainable as they are effective and time-efficient. Strength workouts are 40 minutes long … Read More

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