Wiaa Decides No Changes To State Basketball Tournament Coming For 2021

“If you spend a day trip of the water,” says Dahlia, “it takes two days to get back.” When the times out of the water turn out to be weeks, swimmers start getting twitchy. Everyone exhaled when the Olympics were postponed from 2020 to ’21, because the panic of getting ready for June trials momentarily evaporated. But swimmers don’t exhale for long—they’re experts at holding their breath. World Sporting Lists — prime lists of the biggest and greatest (and smallest and worst!) in the world of sport.

But it’s been simply considered one of a number of momentary homes for the group. When the pandemic first shut down IU’s Counsilman-Billingsley Aquatic Center, Looze started calling Bloomington-area realtors, in search of any property with a pool no less than 20 yards long. There weren’t any good choices, and the clock … Read More

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