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The location of where Hank Aaron’s report 755th house run landed has been monumented in Milwaukee. The spot sits outdoors Miller Park, the place the Milwaukee Brewers presently play.

City officers, however, promised that the stadium could be appropriate for play when the common season started. The Eagles would transfer into Lincoln Financial Field in 2003, and the Phillies would move into their own separate ballpark, Citizens Bank Park, in 2004. “Another quote that has been attributed to me is, ‘Home-run hitters drive Cadillacs and singles hitters drive Fords.’ That was really first mentioned by my Pirates teammate, pitcher Fritz Ostermueller.”

A similar scenario happened to the Eagles in 1983 where they were pressured to switch the dates of their games with the Dallas Cowboys as a result of the Philadelphia Phillies had been playing in the 1983 World Series. The Eagles had been initially scheduled to play … Read More

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