Or at the very least, extra ambidextrous than others. If you use to skateboard, it also helps to stand in that manner as properly.

I’m a little bit of a mixed bag in relation to sides, left eye domainant, proper handed and may comfortably use either of my feet. My left leg might be the stronger, with my right leg being more correct. I’m not as co-ordinated with my left arm but is simply as sturdy as my proper.

The eye that has the pencil lined up perfectly with the item is your dominant eye. You can’t call it “southpaw intuition” unless your left hand hits tougher from the back than your proper hand from the back. I love each suggestion and remark in regards to the southpaw/orthodox.I am a lefty made into a righty, however now my stronger arm and wrist, the right one, has major arthritis as a … Read More

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