Bob Busser receives the Baseball Reliquary’s 2019 Tony Salin Memorial Award, July 14, 2019, at the Shrine of the Eternals Induction Day, Pasadena, California. An essay by Albert Kilchesty, written for the sequence of live shows that includes Bobby Bradford’s jazz suite, Stealin’ Home, commissioned and produced by the Baseball Reliquary in celebration of the Jackie Robinson Centennial. A quick documentary made for the Los Angeles Times by Andy Schlachtenhaufen about legendary musician Bobby Bradford and his jazz suite celebrating Jackie Robinson, Stealin’ Home, commissioned by the Baseball Reliquary. The Baseball Reliquary has introduced that Jeff Boujoukos, whose goal has been to collect a recreation-used bat of every Red Sox non-pitcher who had an at-bat for the Sox from 1960 to the current, is the recipient of its 2020 Hilda Award.

So whereas a good start might imply greater than ordinary this season, heavy underdogs nonetheless have lots to prove. … Read More

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