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It is alleged to be as sophisticated because the uzhichil remedy of Ayurveda. Kalaripayattu has borrowed extensively from Ayurveda and equally lends to it. The earliest point out of marmam is discovered within the Rig Veda, where Indra is alleged to have defeated Vritra by attacking his marmam with a vajra.

Kalaripayattu lecturers typically provide massages (uzhichil) with medicinal oils to their college students to be able to enhance their bodily flexibility or to treat muscle injuries encountered throughout practice. Such massages are generally termed thirumal and the distinctive therapeutic massage given to increase flexibility is known as katcha thirumal.

There is give attention to full body growth and making your body like flexible steel. The katas (known as ‘legs’) contain slaps, punches, kicks, grabs and leaping from a low crouch to kick very excessive up. So principally you’ll be exercising nearly every … Read More

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