Engage your core and twist back through centre and over to the other side. Sit on the floor with your ankles together. Hold a kettlebell by its bottom with both hands. Twist your arms to one side so that your torso follows but your back stays straight, clasping the kettlebell firmly.

The one that keeps things fun and exciting, so you keep coming back. The one that turns into a healthy, long-term habit that you can’t go without. Schedule on your rest day some stretching https://www.ftfaonline.com/ and foam rolling to relieve some of the tension in your muscles. This is a great habit to get into especially when you start incorporating more workouts into your routine.

Just 20 minutes of serious sweating will have you feeling energised and help maintain your fitness. Either way, start with your resistance training exercises and end on the cardio. Using cardiovascular equipment like the … Read More

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