These 3 Indonesian-descent players refuse to be naturalized as members of TIMNAS

TIMNAS- Not all players of Indonesian descent are willing to defend the TIMNAS(Indonesian national team). There are at least three footballers of Indonesian descent who refused the offer of naturalization.

Naturalization has always been a hot topic discussed by the Indonesian football public. Traces of descendants of players who are grazing abroad are intensively sought after to be invited to join the Indonesian national team.

Names like Elkan Baggott, Sandy Wals, Jordi Amat, and Shayne Pattynama are just a few of the many players who have recently been naturalized. However, not a few -have the right to appear with the Red and White – but prefer to defend the national team of another country.

Who are they? What is the reason they refuse to join the Indonesian national team? The following is a brief description of 3 footballers of Indonesian descent who refused naturalization.

1. Cyrus Margono (Indonesia-Iran)

Players of Indonesian descent, Cyrus Margono, is currently joining the Greek giants, Panathinaikos. Cyrus Margono who was born in New York, the United States on November 9, 2001, was born to a couple of Indonesian-Iranian descent.

In January 2022, Shin Tae-Yong’s translator, Yoo Jae-hoon, made a public statement that Cyrus Margono had rejected the Indonesian national team’s offer. At that time the South Korean coach tried to contact the player but got no response.

“I’ve tried to contact him (Cyrus), but there is no response. Please don’t tag him again,” reads Yoo Jae-hoon’s upload.

2. Jasper ter Heide (Indonesia-South Korea)

The player of Indonesian descent with South Korean blood, Jasper ter Heide, flatly refused the opportunity to wear the uniform of the TIMNAS (Indonesian national team). The defender who has Indonesian, Dutch, and South Korean ancestry is more interested in defending the Ginseng Country.

Jasper has Indonesian blood from his mother, while Korean blood comes from his father. He also had time to defend the Dutch junior national team. The 22-year-old player is now playing at SC Cambuur in the Dutch League.

“My ties to Korea are stronger than to Indonesia. My father is stronger with Korea than my mother is with Indonesia, so I want to play for Korea one day,” said Jasper ter Heide.

3. Emilio Audero Mulyadi (Indonesia-Italy)

The player of Indonesian descent from Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) has rejected the call for the Indonesian national team. The player who has the nickname Emil is the goalkeeper for Italian club, Sampdoria.

Emil has Indonesian descent from his father Edy Mulyadi. Meanwhile, his mother, Antonella Audero, is from Italy. Emil lived in Indonesia for a year before moving to Cumiana in 1998.

In March 2022, Emil rejected the TIMNAS (Indonesian national team) because he chose the Italian national team, which had a better chance of realizing his dream of playing in the World Cup. PSSI Executive Committee Hasani Abdulgani explained that Emil had a dream of playing for the Italian national team.

“According to my agent colleagues, the reason Emil can’t answer directly is that he still dreams of playing in the Italian national team. It is reasonable. Everyone wants to play where he grew up,” Hasani said.

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